EM Bar

An Intoxicating Experience

The EM Bar is our hotel’s main bar, which is located at our 18th Floor double ceiling height area and surrounded by all floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

EM Bar is a remarkable space that will leave you feeling intoxicated before ordering even your first drink. The main lounge area features stunningly high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, lavish gold decor, and sleek marble that all combine to create a stunning yet sophisticated atmosphere. The focal point is a magnificent spiral glass staircase lined with futuristic lighting that highlights the gentle curves of the design.

Explore this hip hideout further and you’ll find a unique sushi bar that pairs a traditional layout with modern minimalism and evocative lighting. You’ll also discover a second bar, which balances Art Deco elegance with a notably futuristic feel. Whichever corner you peak around here, you’ll find intimate and inviting spaces perfect for savoring craft cocktails, fine wines, and gourmet bites.